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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

self sabotage?

i have tons of pictures of my niece at my desk, so many that if you didn't know any better you would probably think she was my daughter. i never really cared since almost everyone at work knows me and my situation, or lack thereof. i wouldn't consider dating anyone i work with (its mutual) so my availability has always been a non-issue.

but what about the visiting men folk, it's okay to chat them up and vice versa, right? right. i need to hone my social skills and learn to talk to unfamiliar fellas, in a friendly and not necessarily flirting manner. y'all know how guytarded i am but i really have been working at working it.

at any rate, just in case someone is interested, maybe i should be more clear that i am single. i need to take down a few pictures and put up a big "world's best aunt" placard or something. i thought it would be funny to get a "single" nameplate, but i know i wouldn't wear it for fear of looking too desperate.

having kids and a family is rad, don't get me wrong. i just know i will not ever have either of my own if it looks like i already have both.

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