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Saturday, August 09, 2008


our neighbor's had a r/w/b at a nearby park this morning as the kick off event for the nonprofit they started to honor the memory of their brother/in law/uncle who died easter weekend. it's a children's charity so how could i say no? anything for the kids.

everything turned out great. they had planned it so well. they mapped out the course with flags, had drink/snack stations, and cyclists lapped us a few times, checking up on everyone and cheering them to the finish. even though it was not a huge turn out, it was full of family and friends and lots of love. it was more than enough.

there was a bbq after that i didn't think we would stay for but they did have some fruit and the best salsa i have had in a while so we parked it under some trees and visited for about another hour and one more plate of chips/salsa. in the years to come, the event will be held in march so it shouldn't be as warm, maybe by then we'll be up for running or biking and can bring our own picnic.

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