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Saturday, July 12, 2008


this week really pushed me but i pushed back. i'm just glad it's over and i really hope this doesn't happen again. one person went on vacation and didn't get everything squared away before get the idea.

i wish i was going on vacation sooner than later. i am really going to try to make it to portland for the music fest, or check up on chicago, which was my original plan for september. i can't sneak away the next two weeks because it will cost too much and i need to get ready for the party. i bought a dress and hoped for the best. i am working on the music list next.

the weekend after my parents' party is my work friend's wedding in vegas, which i still need to book. they want to "party" fri-sat-early sunday but i think i will probably just come the day of the wedding and leave the next morning. as of now, i don't want to do any of the dinner and post-wedding bar hopping madness, so i kind of feel like it's a waste to go just for the half hour ceremony, but maybe when i get there i will change my mind? plus if it's not too far i can get fake married to the wax george clooney. get ready to melt.

* thank god i'm fabulous (oh and it's friday too)

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