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Thursday, May 29, 2008

sweets from the swedes

walking home the other day i realized as delightful as the french pop music can be, it is quite possible that the swedes have them beat and i was ready to cash in my passport already. then today, joy of all joys, i get an email about this.

this is better than yesterday's fabulous news, that a certain notorious bachelor might just be single again. scratch what i said about being over him, but my number one crush is my new puppy. chicks before d*cks yo!

p.s. who wants to go to sweden??????????????


e.b. said...

giiirl, i love the swedes. i'll be sure to send you lots in your batch of cds. (which is so so so late)

p.s. penny RULES

k said...

i know you do, i am following yr lead since you know what's what. can't wait for the mail call, no worries on the "lateness". i am barely getting decent at mailing again myself. i need all the hook ups i can get since ms. penny is going to change her name to "million dollar baby" in a year or so, look at those paws--huge dog alert :)