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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

recipe ruiner

i forgot to say that after my breakfast bonanza on thursday i managed to botch not one, but two veganomicon recipes, mexican millet and jelly donut cupcakes. i think i didn't toast the millet enough and maybe should have used a smaller pan? it never fully absorbed the liquid. not sure how i screwed it up but it smelled like it was going to be really good. cupcakes i didn't mess up on as bad, i just need to learn how to read again. i put a tablespoon of jelly on each instead of a teaspoon. they still tasted really good, just not as pretty to look at, unless you like your cupcakes to have huge gashes in them, some just might.

i made "guilt free chocolate brownie cake" today when i got home from work. i had too much soy yogurt dated for june second and i was afraid of wasting it. also, i wanted to bake something while we're still in oven-friendly weather. i did not screw it up, i might put a bit more yogurt next time since i had a 6 oz. and it asked for a cup but it was still yummy. i had all my math/reading skills intact this time. i thought it would cease to be guilt free if i ate half the pan, but i don't think i even cleared 15%.

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