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Tuesday, February 19, 2008



total success! i don't think i have made this dish since before my niece was born. i am fairly certain it was a maternity meal due to all of the folate from spinach and enriched pasta and much tofu protein.

since it has been so long, i forgot how much work went into it. this ended up to be quite the undertaking since i was enjoying my new knife (santoku baby!) and chopping board way too much. prep work for the sauce easily exceeded its stove top simmering time. at least that gave the spinach plenty of time to drain.

anyhow, the extra effort paid off. i got three separate rounds of pats on the back from my sister. the second best compliment was when i asked her if she wanted to take some to her veg co-worker since we usually share when we overcook or overorder. she couldn't have said "no" any faster. the best compliment was that my niece wandered into the kitchen after she already had dinner and dessert to have a bite from her mom's plate. she insisted on her own portion straight away. she hasn't been as excited about my latest endeavors as i have been, so it totally made my day that she loved it.
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m said...

looks tasty!

k said...

it was awesome. i can email you the recipe if you want.