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Friday, February 01, 2008


i have two three day weekends in a row, awesome.

i took today off from work because i was going kind of nuts and just needed a break. i know other companies have personal time or sick time or whatever else, we only have vacation or non paid time off. i had enough vacation so i said eff it and had my boss sign off on it. at first i almost felt bad like, oh but you are off next friday too, isn't that too many absences?

but here is the thing, i have never had an unplanned day off at this job. i always have my ducks in a row before i hit "out of office" on my email, so even if i took off every friday this month, it wouldn't matter. also, that's kind of what they want some of us to do anyway. i was kind of pissed when i read the memo again, that we're on workshare for another month. i hope it doesn't go into another month because that will totally suck, but i wouldn't be surprised in the least. every other time this has happened, i have been in the clear to work a full week, hopefully that continues, but that doesn't make me not feel bad for my 32 hour compatriots.

i'm really glad i didn't quit my job yet because guess who did... my brother...again.

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