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Thursday, January 10, 2008

leave the 9 to 5 up on the shelf

i am going out tonight, first dance night of '08. i hate to say "going out" because my "going out" is still pretty laid back, but out is out i guess. we are just going to a little bar in echo park, no muss no fuss but lots of fun. they tend to play the same music which is equal parts good and bad. it's good because i like the songs and will stay on the floor all night minus trips to the bar and bathroom. it's bad because it's the same songs every time, which we remedy by not going there too often. i wanted to get a new top or something so i could feel cuter, but maybe that will be for next time. besides, i am cute enough, no?

i am reading elizabeth takes off right now, just a chapter a night, it's great. after flipping through it for years at thrift stores, i finally brought la liz home with me this weekend. which reminds me, i still have to watch the taming of the shrew which i bought at randall's with ms. esme.

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