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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

hi. i have been bummed/maxxed out lately but i am feeling better. i just had to get my head right. i think i tried to put too much on and realized that it is too much a bit too late, but better than never i guess. i am not sure if my xmas gift projects are going to turn out and i think my holiday baking spree has been cut back a whole lot (largely due to how much time i will be home to just eat it all!).

i got the best flavorpill ever today, announcing a wu-tang show this weekend. it really helped pull me out of the rut i was in. it is nerdy but when i am stressed if i can go and rock out i feel so much better because i put all that energy into something positive instead of being pissed off (hot snakes used to come through for this, r.i.p.). within minutes, i got my tickets and booked my room so it's on. i wanted to invite my friend from work because he always let me borrrow his cd's and stuff, but he has a family emergency and can't go. i couldn't think of anyone else (local) to go with so i am going by myself, which i don't mind at all. it will be better than dragging someone else along and worrying about whether or not they are having a good time. i know i am having a good time and that's what matters.

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