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Monday, November 26, 2007

ladle up some leftovers


today i was on a mission. i hustled home from work and headed straight for the kitchen. since i knew "the dinner", as my mom calls it, would only take about half and hour, i decided to make round two of cupcakes first.

i am taking most of the goodies to work to be nice and also reduce the stigma against vegans. our cfo is really the only one who gives me grief about it, but in a fun way. he's really good chatting actually, one of the few people at work who will talk to you about something other than the person down the hall. i am going to trick him one day by making something and asking this gal in accounting who is the best baker ever, to pretend like she brought it and then he will gobble it up and then i will be like, p.s. that was vegan, bwahahahaha.

i really have been wanting to make soup but i also know i haven't cooked in a long time so i gotta ease into it. i found a quick simple recipe for minestrone so i busted that out today. it was super fast and easy, like your sister, just kidding. i would just add a few more seasonings and maybe reduce the amount of pasta for next time. for the effort i put in (practically none), it turned out awesome.

this is really the first time i have sat down since i've been home other than to eat some yummy soup. i am proud that i got stuff done and didn't waste any time. i am bummed that i didn't take the dog out but i should be able to do that tomorrow since i only have to help with "the dinner" and don't have any other kitchen tasks lined up. i had a nice post dinner smoke too, but don't tell my mom.
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