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Friday, November 16, 2007

blue light special

countdown to cooking is on. i can't wait to get back into the swing of things and make food fun again. after i got off the computer last night, i saw my cookbooks were still in my greenbag. i wanted to refold it and put it back in my purse so i would have it for any on-the-fly shopping i might do at lunch or whenever else i am out.

i couldn't resist looking at my cookbooks even though i was already about half an hour past bed time. i started reading 'nomicon and got really excited to use it soon. then i started in with the joy and really got carried away with that one. since i am probably making the seitan roulade and a veggie side for my aunt's house i thought i should give up on making a dessert for thanksgiving. i did decide i would make another smaller simpler recipe on sunday just to get a jumpstart. i am going to try the mint chocolate chip cookies which are probably really easy but i only care that they are really good.

i ended up putting the books down around 12:30 or so, which was bad since i needed to be at work at 5 this morning. i didn't get quite as much sleep as i had hoped and "had to" swig the last of my wild turkey 101 to get on the way to dreamland. it worked.

thanks to a co-worker bringing in a chai for me this morning, and thanks to me, continuing to drink my usual four cups of tea on top of that, i was running wired for most of the day. by the time lunch rolled around i was out of control and making my friend take ridiculous pictures of me at the gas station and kmart and anywhere else. part of the reason for many a photo op today was because it was the first time i wore my waterloo t-shirt (atx reprazent!) and also because this stuff had to be documented.

say what you want about kmart, but i did score the anchor 11 pc. oven basics baking and prep set for $14.99. It's ten bucks more at amazon, not including shipping. they had another set that was less pieces for more money but it had a covered casserole i was eyeballing. i went for the better deal but in the process i got confused and thought i needed to buy a pie plate so i did, and now i have two- one deep and one regular. i will just keep it because by the time we go back, we will spend more on gas than i did on the plate, $2.99. plus i think we have a covered casserole lying around somewhere.

i got home from work and rested up a bit before we made the long haul to whole foods to get ready for the best thanksgiving ever. unfortunately there were no vegan fabe's pumpkin pies, so we will have to do the frozen ones. there was plenty of soyatoo thank goodness. as for the entrees, i couldn't find a few of the items but found other things that should work just as well. i had to make myself not by "regular" market stuff there but i am a ho for whole foods i guess. i am going to do another check but i think i got all of the "special" ingredients i needed. i got some canned pumpkin just in case so maybe i will make cupcakes or bread or something else.

tomorrow should finish up the shopping and the kitchen will be open again.

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