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Saturday, November 17, 2007


more food shoppings today. i almost have everything. a lot of the spices, flour, etc. were on sale so that made me happy. i am totally re-stocking the kitchen which means i need to get rid of whatever we have not used and will not use to make room for the motherload of goodness. i also forgot i had table for two, so i am going to rediscover that and start planning for the post-thanksgiving dinner blitz.i had planned on baking cookies tomorrow to surprise my niece but i forgot after tonight i won't see her again until tuesday and they won't be nearly as rad by then. since the plastic bag from the market ripped, the chocolate chips spilled into my greenbag. she knew about it and grabbed my bag and went into the other room and fished out the stragglers and ate them all up. then she came back while i was transferring them to a container and kept trying to get her chip on. there's definitely going to be a cookie party tonight!

*bring yr own chips

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